All Star Trainers
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The Supreme Fitness All Star Team is composed of highly experienced health & exercise masters.  
As fitness experts we take it upon ourselves to become each member and client health advocate and
guide them through the correct steps to improvement, for the best results for now and for long term.

The following is a background of the
Supreme Team All Stars, to get to know them and there skill base.
Specialist Skills:
Exercise/Fitness GURU
Endurance & Agility Training
Body Building & Strength Training

Hobbies & Interests:
Jason also teaches Corporate Fitness Classes four times a week in Santa Clara and small does training session for Outdoor
5k events
. In his spare time he produces and host the "Supreme Fitness Workout Show", a 30 minute show that airs on
the public access networks
!  He also enjoys making music, drawing abstract art, creating animated commercials,and of
course working out.  

Training Philosophy:
Focus, Breathing, Better, Form (F.B.B.F.)
The key to a great workout session is focus.  Focus on the set at hand, breath and control your energy, and with confidence
exsplode into your set! Every rep that you pump you think do "better",and BETTER! Lastly, you never break FORM! Its more
important to stop in a set and complete it with more power, rather than force it and have bad execution.
 When you master
techniques, you can achieve a greater intensity and a stronger power to your sessions bringing out higher result.
Jason Contact:
Business #: (408) 500-6928
or email me at:
Name: Jason J. Smith   Birth Place:  San Francisco

Title: Founder/Owner/ Elite Personal Training Instructor/ Multi-Media,
Graphic Designer/ Visionary

-NPC 09' & 10'  Novice Lightweight Bodybuilding Champion
-NPC  10' SF Light
Weight Bodybuilding Champion
-NPC 12' Contra Costa 3rd Place Winner

-Training for 25 years
- Personal Trainer for 15 years (and only getting better!)
- Manager of Devine Design Studio (07-09)
- Manager of Bascom Fitness (09-10)
Outdoor Class Coach (for two school):
- Valley Christian Elementary School &
- Los Gatos  Elementary School (04 -06)
- YMCA (Cupertino
, 03)
Retro Fitness (on going)

- Certified by N.H.C.A. (National Health Club Association)
- Associate of Art Degree in Graphic Design
- NPC Professional Bodybuilder
- CPR & AED Certified (American Safety & Health Institution)
Don't settle for less, Train with the Best!
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