Health Tips
As you begin to grow with training it is important to balance out your body with the other aspects of
health and fitness. Here are five smart books that I recommend you pick up. The knowledege
in these books are important to know and will only benifit you in pursuit for your goals.
You can find these books at
Exercise Tip:
Standing Isolated Oblique Crunches
A Healthy body is a Happy body!
Part 1. Inhale
This can be done with a dumbbell or
with a single low cable handle. Stand
with your feet shoulder with apart and
one hand behind your head. Inhale
and lean to the side until your elbow
is pointing to the ceiling.
Part 2: Exhale
Exhale strong dropping your elbow
down and contract hard on your
obliques. Repeat for 15 repetitions.
Try not to tilt forward or backwards
and stay in a tight alignment.
Side View Up
Side View Down
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